Missing College: A Quick Trip to Harvard!

Took a quick weekend trip to Boston to visit my friend Angel, who had a few days of FSI training at the US Department of State. (Woohooo! Our future Ambassador! Lol!) That one Saturday was the only day I can have her—as she’s flying to other states before going back home to Manila.

As much as I looooove roadtrips, I find my energy easily drained and I have to sit down every so often. Still, I won’t miss this for the world! Angel and I have been friends since 2005– and it’s one of those friendships that don’t really need physical presence or daily conversations. We can go months (even all year) without seeing each other, and just immediately pick up where we left off.


Angel and I, by the steps of the Harvard Library

With less than 24 hours to spare, we headed straight to our (and everyone else’s, I guess) dream school, Harvard University! I just learned that there’s a free public tour during the day for about 10-15 people. All you need to do is go to the Harvard Information Center about 15 minutes before the tour starts to register. See their schedule here. But if you’re a big group and would like a private tour, fees apply. Check it out here.  Sadly we missed the 10am schedule and cannot wait until the next one.  So we bought maps and went around ourselves. 🙂

janina and warren

We just had to– an Instagram Pose while at the Harvard Information Center



Look at this charming campus!


Lazy Saturdays. I can really see myself sitting in those chairs, reading a book. <3


The four of us. Wait, where’s Warren?

Harvard Tour

Yep– he tried to join and listen in to an ongoing tour and got back to us with details more than what’s on our maps. Resourceful! Lol!




In our pursuit to find Harvard Law, we chanced upon a music & arts festival and watched a few performances from their students.



One of the main buildings of Harvard Law. *sigh* *daydreaming*

I’ve often heard of a tradition of touching the foot of John Harvard’s monument for good luck. So we did– I touched it and took a picture, for good luck on Pnut’s future…

janina warren pnut

… only to find out later on that YOU SHOULDN’T. Harvard students actually PEE on the monument– for good luck or something I cannot understand why. The monument is being washed every morning, so there wasn’t any smell or trace when we were there– but still! 🙁 Please tourists, DO NOT TOUCH THE FOOT OF JOHN HARVARD. It was our mistake to just go with the flow and copy what other tourists are doing. Tsk. Tsk. LOL!

There’s a bunch of restaurants within the campus, but for our late lunch, we opted to go to a great brunch place called Cafe Luna, near the MIT Museum. Small and always packed, it was quite a wait since there was 5 of us. It was soooo delicious that none of us were able to take photos of what we ordered. Warren and Kevin both got  Steak and Lobster Eggs Benedict, while us girls got Everything But the Kitchen Sink Sampler (Belgian waffle topped with corned beef hash, sausage, ham, egg, jalapeno cheese sauce and home fries). YUMMMMMMM.

cafe luna

In the evening, we got to eat at the famous Quincy Market. They have everything from clam chowder to lobster roll, to barbecue ribs and even Chinese food! I love exploring food markets like this!  Trying out different food in just one meal. 🙂

Quincy Market

Traveling far won’t matter if it’s for great friends you know you’ll always have. Til our next trip, Angel!


  1. Awww, ka-touch! Sending loads of hugs and kisses to you, Janeyna! I had such a wonderful time with you and the bunch in Boston. Sorry you had to endure the terrible traffic to go there. I appreciate all your efforts. I cannot wait to come back and see you!!! I’m so excited for Pnut, too! Thanks again, love! I hope you know that I intend to cherish our friendship for the longest time possible. I love you always and I miss you!!!♥ Sending my love to Joan, Waway, Kev, Tita Neneng and Tiito! 🙂


    LOL at John Harvard’s foot! I got a message too after I posted my own photo in ig re students peeing on his toe! Kaloka! hahaha! Oh well, charge to experience! haha!

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