Pregnancy Diary: My First Trimester Heroes

Yoohoo! P-nut and I are now past our first trimester! 6 more months to go!

It is such a relief for me to know that this trimester’s over. It was a tough 12 weeks—especially for someone who has zero mommy knowledge. I am thankful though, that I have my sisters-in-law and close friends whom I can bug every time I feel something or worry about the smallest things.

Although I still feel nauseous sometimes, I know that it’s getting better because I am learning to manage better. Here are some of the things that helped me and Pnut get through our first trime. 🙂


tummsI’m hyper acidic and there’s nothing worse than spitting up acid, especially early in the morning. My doctor recommended that I take Tums before sleeping to avoid that gagging feeling as soon as I wake up. Of course, I need to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, so when the nausea attacks, there’s something to eject.




Preggie Pop DropsI commute to work everyday, and the travel time reaches about an hour each way. Subways are crazy-crowded in the mornings so I have to have a couple of these in my pocket when I get dizzy. Often times, I get off a station halfway towards my work to get air, drink water, and have a Preggie Pop, before jumping back in. It tastes like Frutella—I love it! All natural flavors, and it really relieves you of the morning sickness (which sometimes lasts all day).



skyflakesFor weeks it seemed like I couldn’t keep anything down—but I need to eat. Skyflakes has been my go-to crackers because it’s just sooo good. Doesn’t taste like cardboard. After a few weeks, I started dipping it in peanut butter or Nutella. But still, eating it alone is much better than any cracker I tried here.




seagramsWithout coffee and soda (which I both LOVE), I turned to ginger ale not only to add taste to my meal, but also to keep my tummy settled. I am only allowed (by my husband) a glass a day, though. So I really try to make it count.






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I’ve always been a sleepyhead, but this is serious. It’s so hard to get up in the morning! And I feel so tired all the time. But I was told not to fight it, and just get enough rest whenever I can. I also started sleeping early—and that made me feel better waking up.





14-weeks-pregnantIt is common advise to moms-to-be to play classical music for the babies in their tummies for brain development. But I learned that this not only helps P-nut, it soothes me too. For ten to sometimes thirty minutes in the morning upon waking up, I play soft, instrumental music that P-nut and I enjoy.




IMG_5394Hands-down my #1 Hero throughout these trying weeks. There’s so much we are still learning about each other everyday—and I am grateful for everything I have seen with this guy so far. His patience is just amazing! He goes out of his way every time to make me feel comfortable—to the point of cleaning our fridge weekly (yes, he removes each layer, soaps and scrubs everything inside and out) because I am smelling something icky that no one else does. When I fall asleep after eating dinner, he cleans the kitchen, which I know he’s not really fond of. He’s taken days off to be with me on each check-up…. And the list goes on. It sounds cliché, but I must’ve done something right to have such a great, supportive partner by my side.


I wonder what adventures the second trimester brings??? How about you, what/who are your first trimester heroes?




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