Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

… how we wonder what you are. <3

I’ve kept this sealed envelope (containing Pnut’s gender) for over a week now. And I still have to keep it for another week, until our gender reveal party! Warren and I decided that we would love to share this milestone with our family, so we will wait until we can all get together to find out what Pnut’s gender is. Still, I can’t contain my excitement! It’s taking all my energy everyday not to give in to the temptation of ripping this envelope open!

Even as I’m already (almost) halfway through the pregnancy, there are moments when I still can’t believe that I’m carrying this amazing miracle inside my body. I’ve felt Pnut move slowly, and felt his/her first kick (when I was bending over, putting on tights. Lol! Nasikipan ata!) and it’s nothing short of amazing. Yet there’s still so much in my body and in my mind that I don’t understand. I still get scared and paranoid, even emotional at times. And I found that there’s no better cure than prayer.

I stumbled upon these 14 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Baby, which I would like to share with you. It has been helping me through this emotional rollercoaster  and keeps me focused on what lies ahead. It’s no longer me, myself and I, not even me and my husband– as early as now, we have a little (Pnut) angel whose needs we’ll be putting above ours– even in my journey of still trying to learn and understand myself more.

Reading this everyday, I realized this is not just for moms-to-be like me. It’s for all types of mothers! So go ahead, pick a scripture and see God do His amazing work in your life. <3

Scriptures for the Baby

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  1. Miss you! Be strong!!!!! Remember i got 3!!!!! So you can do it too!!! Kayang kaya mo yan! Can’t wait to sea baby peanut!!!!
    Even we are miles apart, im trying my best to keep in touch with you! XOXO

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