Please Support My Cousin’s Fight Against Cancer

Taking a little break from my pregnancy and mommy-to-be posts to share  our fundraising effort for our cousin Katrina Pangilinan-Tamayao. Ate Janice and I created this GoGetFunding Campaign so we can share her story, in hope that it can inspire you the way it has inspired us.

This is Kat’s second battle against cancer. She already went through chemotherapy, radiation and herceptin treatments back in 2011, when she was just 26, before going on remission in 2015, 4 years after. Just a year after,  the cancer’s back, and she once again fights for her life with a series of treatments.

What I love about this girl is her positivity amidst all this. I truly believe that it’s her faith in God and her optimism that healed her the first time– and it’s the same armor she has now that will help her beat cancer again. We’re sharing her story not just to inspire people, but to also to keep on filling her with strength that she is not alone in this battle. God can use YOU to let her know that she is continuously loved and cared for. Please take time to read our page for our dearest Katrina. 🙂

A Life Worth Saving: Kat’s Battle Against Cancer

Thank you and have a blessed weekend!



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