Pregnancy Diaries: Hello, Third Trimester!

I haven’t posted a lot of my baby bump pictures–simply because we only have a few. Lol! I do have a journal and take note of the changes I go through, but somehow, I always forget to ask my husband to take a picture of me and my baby. We started really late, so for the first time, I’m posting a photo of myself at 24 weeks and last weekend at 30 weeks.

Not much of a difference, I know! :/

Here’s some of the things I am currently going through as I transition from Second to the final trimester of my pregnancy!

How far along: 30 weeks and 4 days

Baby’s Size: As big as a Zucchini (15.7 inches, 2.9lbs)

Baby’s Movement: Hyperactive! Whenever I find a moment of quiet and calm, she just keeps on kicking and kicking! It’s not painful yet, it’s actually very ticklish. I love how playful our little girl is.

My Body: Backaches and leg cramps. Feeling heavy when walking. Experiencing daily heartburn and acid reflux, especially at night *sob*. I was allowed by the doctor to take Tums as often as I need, and it helps relieve the uncomfortable feeling, but it keeps me up at night. I feel easily tired but I have trouble sleeping, so I try to take a nap as often as I can, especially during the weekends. I also have weird, vivid dreams. Of all sorts! Dang this hormones. Lol.

Cravings: Still sweets. :/

Exercise: I still try to walk everyday, though it has been on and off. Although it’s getting harder, my goal is still 15-30 minutes a day, preferably after dinner. I also try spend 15-20mins a day doing prenatal pilates in the morning, but if I overslept, I just stretch.

Other Preparations: We’re slowly building our nursery! We have the crib in place, and we recycled the decors my sister-in-law made for our gender reveal (read about it here). We’re also slowly buying baby stuff and we got plenty of gifts from friends and family too. I’ll write about it next time. Hopefully by the time Labor Day comes, we’ll have a tidier room, all set for our little Pnut!

Share here if you’re experiencing the same pregnancy symptoms, and what you do to get through your third trimester!

Our baby’s crib courtesy of Kuya Wirt and Ate Peachy. 🙂

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