Never Stop Learning

I know I haven’t posted ANYTHING the past month, which was supposed to be fun-filled and full because September was my birthday month! It has been busy, with lots of planning for new projects and life-altering decisions—but probably one of the best is this: I have decided to really pursue and take my passion for writing seriously!


Blissful Blogging 101.

Though it is something that I said (to myself, to my friends, and maybe to you) already, I just kept going back and forth. But now, I think I am really ready—and the first step I am taking is getting help from the blog expert, Martine de Luna. Exciting, exciting days ahead! 🙂

I have always told myself to never ever stop learning. Just the past few months, I have taken up workshops on blogging (with Martine) and also calligraphy (with Inkscribbler).


Blissful Blogging 101 by  Martine de Luna of last June.


Ink Scribbler Workshop by Alexis Ventura

More than new lessons and new hobbies, these two ladies are awe-inspiring in so many ways! They were both bold enough to pursue their passion, and are willing to share what they know to others. Talk about enriching oneself through generosity! I’ll write more about my time with them in the coming weeks. But for now, let me go back to reviewing my notes and doing my assignment for my super inspiring and helpful session with Martine. 🙂

Is there something you have been aching to do for yourself? A new course, a new hobby you’d like to learn? There’s no better time to do it than NOW. Always look for new ways to learn and grow– so you’ll always have something to look forward to, and something interesting to share that will help enrich the lives of others.

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