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Last year, I wrote about Share Movement, a group that organizes artistic workshops for a cause. (Read: The Power of Sharing).  All proceeds of their workshops go to Joseph Feeding Mission, a charity that does weekly feeding missions all over the country. I am a personal advocate for both of these groups for years, and it’s always heartwarming to see how these projects have grown and evolved.

Last month, Share Movement took on a new challenge, organizing a practical workshop entitled A Step to Success: An English Proficiency Workshop.  Led by Rolly delos Reyes of 51Talk Philippines, John Robert Powers and Berlitz International, this workshop aimed to boost its participants’ confidence in speaking and writing in English—the perfect answer to those would like to be comfortable in the language.

Chakulits Sweets

Yummy treats from Chakulits Sweets and Pastries

Share Movement 2


Together with our partners, Rappler, wheninmanila.com and Chakulits Sweets & Pastries, we were able to gather participants from different age brackets and with different goals! Some were there to have a refresher short course for English, while some need to know the basics of presentations and letter writing. But no matter his or her objective was for attending, everyone felt blessed upon knowing that through their desire to learn, and their initiative to join this workshop, they are able to help out raise funds that will help hundreds of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Talk about learning and sharing!

Share Movement 7

Yup! That’s me! Doing a bit of an introduction for our speaker. 🙂

Share Movement 9

Share Movement’s Managing Director Jam Pangilinan, introducing Share Movement’s cause.

It was also a surprise to see laughs and smiles throughout the session—we even got a feedback that they never thought that learning English can be fun! From the basic subject-verb agreement we have learned in school, to the proper pronunciation and accent for certain words and phrases, we all learned and had a good laugh at our commonly misused words!

Share Movement 8

Our speaker, Rolly delos Reyes, in action.

Share Movement 12

Class picture!

Special thanks to Rolly and his wife Joyce, who responded to our challenge to share their time and talent—this act of service goes a loooong way.

Share Movement 10

Our speaker Rolly delos Reyes with wife Joyce delos Reyes and Share Movement’s Jam Pangilinan

Check out Share Movement’s website for updates and their upcoming workshops. There’ll be two more before 2014 ends!

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