After our engagement, it just occurred to me that we don’t really have a dream wedding. All we wanted was to be united and to celebrate this blessed union with the people we love. With less than 3 months of planning, we feared that there wouldn’t be enough time, but FetebyJanina proved us wrong. Janina embraced everything in stride, with a smile on her face, words of positivity and excitement. Her optimism radiated through us and everything felt as if they were falling into place. The way she planned and coordinated our wedding was like painting– she took both our colors and carefully brushed each one until our blank canvas became a work of art. Our words of gratitude will never be enough to define her work. Fete by Janina and her team (Sasa, Bianca and Warren) gave us not only a wedding, but an unforgettable first day of our marriage.

-Andrew and Vanessa Francisco

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