Today marks the first week of me being a “Mrs.” (Woohoo!)… and the 82nd day since I last posted on my blog (sigh).

I am still dazed and overly happy with the beautiful wedding that we had last week, as well as the overflowing love and inspiration that we get from our family and friends. I cannot remember the last time I have been utterly lost for words. I also cannot remember the last time I got so drunk-happy! 🙂  Yes, we are thankfully surrounded by super supportive friends and family that each one took on a task (or plenty) in order to make things run smoothly, thus allowing us to really savor each moment of our wedding. Like any other wedding, there have been bumps on the road, but thankfully, no one seemed to care because everyone was just so happy!

So today I am sharing with you our videos made by my cousin Joseph & our good friend Meryl—a keepsake of the most treasured memories of our relationship. From proposal to the wedding, they have been there, eagerly sharing with us their talent. Thank you so much again, guys!!!

Warren’s Proposal, February 8, 2015
by Joseph Celso Cruz

#MrandMrsVill Wedding, June 12, 2015
by Meryl Jenica Ormita

  1. Thank you for sharing your love story. I came across the touching HONY story a year ago and it’s just amazing how things have unfolded. It’s indeed a match made in heaven. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you for making the world a much happier and hopeful place. Your “love story”/journey is inspiring. Wishing you and Warren the best. You are going to show the world, indeed, there is forever! 🙂

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