First Anniversary Series: Angelina’s Ristorante, Staten Island

Cheesy as it may sound, on our first anniversary, we went back to the place where we held our wedding reception: Angelina’s Ristorante in Staten Island, New York. It just felt more meaningful that way, and we plan to do it every year!  And we ordered a a few of the things served during the wedding– somehow amidst all the wine, lemon drops and beer that day, we actually forgot what we ate!

Angelina’s is even more gorgeous than the fist time we saw her. Maybe because we had our first dinner there during the winter of 2014. I loved it then, and I love it even more now.

June 12th this year is a Sunday, and we opted to go for lunch. The place was packed! The first, second & third floors had different brunch functions, even the tent at the back! They had to valet park cars on the lawn to accommodate everyone. We sat at the first floor patio… and with the wind blowing in our faces, it was the perfect lunch set-up.


View from our table.


angelinas ristorante

Here’s much nicer view of the greens and water on our wedding day:

With our colorful Bridal Party

What we ate:

  • Freshly baked bread, cheese and insalata dip– marinara sauce with eggplant and capers and everything! (for the life of me, I still don’t know what it’s called, but it’s amazing!)
  • Our favorite Calamari (served at the wedding, and not in photo. We were too eager to eat them)
  • Penne alla Vodka (served at the wedding!)
  • Pork Chop alla Sicilliana
  • Banana in Cinnamon Cheese Wrap with Ice Cream (aka our famous turon!) and they surprised us with sparklers and greeted us Happy Anniversary!
  • (Virgin) Mango Mojito for me, and fresh Peach Bellini for Warren


Not really a fan of mojito, but this proved me wrong. So good and so refreshing!

We spent the entire afternoon just reminiscing everything we can remember about our wedding. It was exactly how we wanted it: small and intimate, classy and fun. We also reconnected with some of those who helped us during that day! Vincent (one of the owners), James, and even Sal, our mait’re d 🙂 Beyond the great food and awesome ambiance of the place, we loved how everyone from their team were professional and nice. Their customer service is great, and they go the extra mile to make sure every single one of the guest we had felt special.

Sharing with you some of the photos we have, taken by our photographer, Justin Tinapay.

Cocktail Hour by the lawn

Our beautiful angels from Angelina’s. They’re all heaven-sent!

Thank you, Lord for this amazing year! We could not ask for more. – MrandMrsVill


    • Hahaha! Sayang talaga. Planado na natin lahat nun e. Hehe! Miss you, Gel! See you when you get back (soon!)

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