A Worthy Cause: Unveiled (via Change.org)

Here’s a petition I sent via http://www.change.org, a place where you can have a voice by signing petitions you believe in. Kindly find time to read my cause, and sign if you believe the same. Click on the link below if you would like to find other petitions, or create petitions of your own! Let’s change the world one cause at a time! :)

For the longest time, Muslim students of Pilar College, the oldest school in Zamboanga City, have been forbidden to wear their hijabs or Islamic veil.

Amid numerous protests, the school defended its policy last week by saying that they can’t deviate from their Roman Catholic origin. They also invoked academic freedom. 

As a devout Catholic, I would also be insulted if I were to be asked to give up something very sacred to me. This is why I started a petition on Change.org appealing to the administrators of Pilar College to revoke this policy and respect religious freedom.

Click here to add your name.

We have a rare opportunity. In a meeting with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Tuesday morning, it was reported that Pilar College agreed to issue a joint statement that they’re open to re-examine the hijab policy. But the final decision still befalls upon the approval of their superiors.

They could make their decision any day now. If thousands of people help speak out, Pilar College President Sr. Maria Nina Balbas will no longer think twice about allowing students to wear their Islamic veils – click here to sign my petition.

Every Filipino should sign this petition. The hijab ban is a violation of the Magna Carta of Women, and I believe that just by ignoring this issue, we already contribute to the discrimination of Muslims in Pilar College.

Let’s show Muslim Filipinos that we are behind them in this Right to Hijab movement.

Thanks for taking action,

Janina via Change.org

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