A Quick Glance at Pope Francis Taught Me This

Note: Pope Francis mural photo taken from www.nydailynews.com


I can still remember how envious I was with my youth group, Young Ambassadors for Christ (YAC) when Pope Francis visited the Philippines last January. It was a week-long, massive event for the entire country. I was crying just watching the live TV coverage and I can only imagine how it must feel being present there!

I knew I’ll get my chance once the Pope visits the US. I found his schedule but unfortunately wasn’t able to get tickets to any of his events in New York. Thankfully, I was hanging around 34th Street when he had a motorcade in Central Park, and with all the security on the street, I knew this was his route going to Madison Square Garden for his final mass. Monitoring the news online, my friend Sasa and I stood along the street to wait for him. “Just a glimpse please!”, I thought. I couldn’t wait to share this with my youth group! I even posted a photo while waiting for him!


Posted this on Instagram while waiting for Pope Francis to drive by. 🙂


So when the people started yelling, I knew it was near. I set up my phone on video, ready to record the moment! Here it is:


Epic fail, huh? I did see him… well, the palm of his hand, at least. I didn’t even have the time to react or feel anything!!! How sad. 🙁  I was waiting for a slow-moving, elevated Pope Mobile, as I’ve seen on TV. I was waiting for a grand parade with bright lights that I ALMOST failed to see his holiness in a simple Fiat.

But then it got me thinking—with all the lives Pope Francis has touched with just his mere presence, I’m sure God is sending me a message through this.

After praying and thinking, it hit me: I have always waited for a grand miracle. Something up in a pedestal, bright, and even slowly unfolding before my eyes, just like in the movies. I spend most of the time getting ready to receive it, and even thinking of sharing it to the world even before it happens.

But God sends us small miracles every single day— blessings that we actually miss out on because we are too focused on the grand thing that we are waiting for.

The big (great) changes that happened in my life over the past year has spoiled me.  Slowly I slid back to complaining about the smallest things… cutting my prayer time short… among other things. It took me until this moment to realize that I am taking for granted the everyday blessings I have. I have to see God’s goodness even in the mundane things, and embrace it. This is what the glimpse of Pope Francis taught me.

Oh, and I learned later that evening too, that even if you think your miracle passed you by already, somehow God gives you a second chance… Right before going home, I saw Pope Francis again. This time, I prayed while waiting, and even as he was looking at the other side of the street, I still saw him, appreciating a peep of his holiness. 🙂


Have an awesome weekend, everyone! XOXO


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