Meryl and Rico

To our Wedding Dream Maker:

In a lifetime, you come across a magical milestone that is MARRIAGE. As a bride, you dream it, you envision it and you plant it alongside the love of your life. As you embark on it, you realize that planning takes an entire village and an entire dream. I would never forget the day when we decided to pick Janina and surrender our dream wedding onto her hands. Janina and her team did not only plan and coordinate our wedding, but they lived it, embraced the magic in it, and turned every bit of that vision into reality. The path to the wedding day has become a journey we will deeply miss and vividly remember as Janina made it into an exceptionally unforgettable experience. Simply put, it was the BEST DAY of our lives. Janina is a top-tier level coordinator to say the least– and her passion to her craft is a testament to it all. I could not articulate enough how she was on top of every detail, but the thing that was unexpectedly refreshing was how she gives you her heart and soul in every vision you have in mind. The genuine approach of how she wants everything to be perfect is something you can’t put a price tag on. We have never felt so luckly to have been able to pick 1 out of a million to plan our wedding. In the midst of chaos that is wedding planning, God took a nod and gave us the BEST that the universe has to offer to pave way to making our wedding vision come to life. And indeed it was unfolded into the perfect wedding story. I mean– it happens only once in a lifetime and settling for anything less was never our option. To this day, we still have chills and butterflies and confetti in our hearts as we reminisce our wedding day. I would like to think that fate brought her into our lives. Her ingenuity also radiated to the rest of her team (Sasa and Ban) who were right there every second to attend to any need imaginable. Me and my husband have never felt so taken care of. Moreover, her calming presence and unparalleled words of reassurance surely eased out any anxiety we had as we head into the last few days of the wedding. She speaks of her own personal and professional experience, and when someone texts you the first thing in the morning of your wedding day saying “Good morning to the most beautiful bride, this happens only once so enjoy every moment of it as I have everything under contract and your job is just to smile for the rest of your day and take everything in..”– I knw then that she has given us our happily every after right that second. 🙂

Mer and Rico

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