Author: Janina Paula

Missing College: A Quick Trip to Harvard!
Took a quick weekend trip to Boston to visit my friend Angel, who had a few days of FSI training at the US Department of State. (Woohooo! Our future [...]

Pregnancy Diary: My First Trimester Heroes
Yoohoo! P-nut and I are now past our first trimester! 6 more months to go! It is such a relief for me to know that this trimester’s over. It was a tough [...]

Our First Big Blessing

The first quarter of 2016 has not ended yet, but our first BIG blessing already came! I wasn’t even planning on taking a test, but one night, my sister [...]

Post-Valentine Dinner: River Cafe

Since my cousin Abie visited us for a few days-- and her only weekend with us was Valentine weekend, Warren and I, along with Joan, Kevin and Sasa took a drive [...]