Pregnancy Diaries: Ways to Save in a Baby Shower

It’s been almost a month since we had our baby shower! I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep so much lately, I can’t believe I almost missed sharing this with you!

It was our family (mine and Warren’s) who organized everything for this party, headed by my sister Joana. Like any other occasion in this growing family, I was so happy how everyone helped out to create this fun and memorable afternoon of welcoming our baby girl.

Admittedly, I am a sucker for beautiful tablescapes, a grand dessert table, and anything decorative– maybe it’s from Instagram-ing and Pinterest-ing too much for ideas for the events I am working on. I would love pleeeenty of flowers, table runners, balloons, and the works! But pregnancy/motherhood really is bringing out the practical side in me. Lol! So I’m sharing with you a few ways on how we saved on costs for this baby shower. 🙂

We did it at home. Maybe the downside here was they couldn’t keep it a secret from me. Haha! But this automatically saved us tons of bucks. While it’s always nice to have a party at a restaurant or event place, they would usually require prefixe menu for big groups, or a certain amount to spend in order to use their private function rooms. Being that Warren and I are not the ones spending on this party, I really didn’t want to our families to spend so much. Space was surely limited at our humble abode, but we somehow managed to fit in almost 40 people!

Everyone pitched in! It was potluck for our families, and each brought a dish, cake, dessert and drinks. Tables and chairs were set up early by my dad, and Warren’s brother brought their tent to make sure the sunny part of the backyard was covered (since it was held mid-afternoon). And our friends actually helped in entertainment! We had a singer and pianist (Princess and Adrian) who’s part of my cousin Joseph’s band– everyone enjoyed them and even jammed with them. Our friend Arnold who’s a DJ brought his equipment and played great music all the way til the last guest left. It was sooo much fun!

We had simple gifts and giveaways. There’s a popcorn which I’ve been eating a lot now that I’m pregnant.  So Joana and I bought a bunch of this popcorn,  repacked and labeled it with a free downloadable sticker and viola! We have our giveaways!

For the games, which almost everyone gamely participated in, we bought cheap but practical prizes– selfie-sticks, portable chargers and earphones.

We kept everything relaxed. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed everyone’s company, being the control freak that I am. But seeing everyone in such a laid-back ambiance, happily chatting, eating and drinking, listening to great music, I found myself letting go and having fun, too.

At the end of the party, Warren and I went up our living room to find all of these great gifts, apart from the ones we have already opened! Auntie Joana made sure all gifts were brought up. I guess she is as OC as I am. 🙂 Thank you so much, my dear sister, for everything you do for us and our little family!




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