Post-Valentine Dinner: River Cafe

Since my cousin Abie visited us for a few days– and her only weekend with us was Valentine weekend, Warren and I, along with Joan, Kevin and Sasa took a drive to Washington DC to tour her around. I really wasn’t counting on anything for V-day, but that morning as I was teasing Warren how come he didn’t get me flowers at the deli store outside our hotel, he sent me a photo message:



I was ecstatic! <3 I have been wanting to go to River Cafe for the longest time. I even wanted to get married there, if it wasn’t so expensive! Lol.

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, it was raining hard, but it didn’t matter. Both of us were excited to go wine and dine overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline.

rcafe 4

River Cafe in Brooklyn, New York. Photo from their website,

rcafe 2

Right below the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo from the River Cafe website,


Given the $$$$ in Yelp– I half-expected the place to be snobbish. Thankfully, it wasn’t. It was very formal, though. Pleasant and quiet, it felt like I needed to use my 12-inch-voice and a hearty laugh. Classical piano music in the background. A garden of fresh flowers the minute you walk into the main entrance. Full view of the beautiful New York city lights.  I love love love. Minsan lang naman eh (This doesn’t happen everyday).

rcafe 5

View from the private dining room. On the left is a small open area for cocktails or ceremonies. Who wouldn’t want to get married in this setting? Photo from River Cafe’s website,

rcafe 1

Their beautiful dining area by the water. Photo taken from River Cafe’s website,


My handsome date. 🙂

I was disappointed there weren’t available window seats when we arrived, but they sat us close enough to still enjoy the view, and had the privacy of the space to ourselves.

We got the 3-course meal (appetizer, main course and dessert of our choice) at a fixed rate, plus a bottle of moscato.


Warren: Sea Scallop & Foie Gras (was my first choice, but I let him have it– melt-in-your-mouth goodness!)

Janina: Wagyu Steak Tartare (to be honest, I actually got this because I know Warren wanted it– in hopes he’ll trade plates with me. I didn’t expect to like it too!)

Main Course

Warren: Lobster (I was only able to take 1 bite. It seems he didn’t want to share haha)

Janina: Mushroom Wellington (unbelievably good! I almost didn’t finish it so I can take it home. Then I remembered we were in a soshal [high-class] restaurant!)


Warren: Pistachio Semifredo (for the win!)

Janina: Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge (their best seller)


Helllo Brooklyn Bridge. Chocolatey goodness. Photo from the River Cafe website,

rcafe 3

Pistacchio Semifredo. Photo from the River Cafe website,

Luis, our maitre’d was very nice and entertaining to talk to. He even put my mind at ease when I was overly shy to have our photo taken (no one was doing it in the entire restaurant!), saying that he takes photos for guests everyday.


Overall, it was a really sweet surprise from MrVill. 🙂 The dinner was indeed a splurge compared to what we’d usually go for, but unlike other fine-dining restaurants we have tried, everything here is delish, and of “normal” serving size. We left the restaurant with our happy tummies full. River Cafe is worth it.

Now excuse me as I cook– we are back to home-cooked meals for the next 6 months… :p

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