Onesie Christmas Party!

I’m such a loser when it comes to costume parties– but I absolutely loooove pajama parties! So how can I say no when our friend Mares suggested we have a Onesie Christmas Party this year? 🙂

Dave, Cha and family 🙂


My Mario….este, My Warren was our dj that night

Everyone was so game (and even competitive) with their costumes! I absolutely love this theme– cute and cuddly attire in the comfort of our home. Everyone brought in their Christmas comfort food– so we had everything from paella to Jollibee Chickenjoy!

Everything we love in one table. Not in photo: Sisig, maraming maraming Rice, Cassava, Cake and Fruit Salad!


’tis the season to give! <3 Secret Santa 2015


We also had a door charge of $5/head (LOL!) so we can have cash prizes for our minute-to-win-it games! Too bad we don’t have any photo from the games! Between the small space and all the energy around, no one thought of taking pictures!


Drinking Roulette Set. Will you get wine or cranberry juice? Water or vodka? Oooh! There’s M&M’s!

IMG_2899 IMG_2902 IMG_2900

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

Merry Christmas from the Titos and Titas of NY!


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