God’s Love

Currently Listening to “Trust in You”

I first heard this song when our little angels (Warren's nieces Sammie, Cassie and Lexie) sang it for us. It has such a big and bold impact on me, hearing it [...]

Wonderfully Made

March 28th marked a beginning of a new talk series entitled “It’s a Miracle”, with its first key focus: Creation. I kept on wondering what this is all [...]

A Humans of New York Love Story – Part 1

Wow! It has been an overwhelming couple of days of reading and responding to emails, comments, and even messages from people we know—such a big big surprise [...]

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

MF group
Have you ever felt that you wanted to help, but you just don’t know where or how? I believe that the “spirit of service” is innate in all of us, and that [...]