Please Support My Cousin’s Fight Against Cancer

Katrina's Battle Taking a little break from my pregnancy and mommy-to-be posts to share  our fundraising effort for our cousin Katrina Pangilinan-Tamayao. Ate Janice and I created this GoGetFunding Campaign so we can share her story, in hope that it can inspire you the way it has inspired us. This is Kat's second battle against cancer. She already went through [...]

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Blend on the Water, Long Island City
Nothing beats a midweek catch-up when things get so hectic. I live for these things-- fellowship (whether with Warren, my sister,  or anyone I'm really close to) is [...]

Currently Listening to “Trust in You”
I first heard this song when our little angels (Warren's nieces Sammie, Cassie and Lexie) sang it for us. It has such a big and bold impact on me, hearing it from their [...]

Pregnancy Diaries: Healthy Habits I (Try to) Live By
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started reading up on everything I can get my hands on about pregnancy and  started asking sooo many questions to my mommy friends [...]

Harvey’s Nautical Birthday Party
Finally got to try my hand in styling! I've always wanted to give this a shot-- there are so many ideas in my head (and on Pinterest, too!), but I never got around to it, [...]