5 Tips in Managing Your Wedding Guest List

fete by janina Let’s face it: guest lists are tricky, especially when it comes to weddings. It is one of the first things you need to discuss with your fiancé as soon as you start wedding planning. Intimate weddings are always a win in terms of experience (both for you and your guests) and your budget, but this doesn’t often happen. Not when you come from big [...]

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New Age Resolutions: A Way to Face the Coming Year

It’s not the first time I spent the New Year’s on my bed, waiting for the clock to strike twelve and then go back to sleep. Believe me, it’s not as bad as it sounds – [...]

A Worthy Cause: Unveiled (via Change.org)

Here’s a petition I sent via http://www.change.org, a place where you can have a voice by signing petitions you believe in. Kindly find time to read my cause, and sign if [...]

Pamana, Tagaytay City

Very visible along the Tagaytay Highway, Pamana has always left me curious. It’s Filipino cuisine, alright, but with bright lights on as early as 6pm on a summer night, you [...]

Beautiful Vigan

  I’ve always loved old houses with these gigantic windows made of capiz, so I know I’ll never pass on a trip to the beautiful Vigan, home of ancient Filipino [...]